Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions, our answers:


I am sure that my windows will get stained while painting. When is it the best time to clean them?

Best practice is to clean them as soon as possible in order to make things easier. The paint is created so that it adheres to the surface as it dries so it will be much harder to be removed if it dries. It happens the same with clothes so be sure to clean them as soon as possible.


What kind of primer do I have to use when I paint with anti-mould paint?

If you have to paint a surface that is exposed to high humidity or presents dampness we recommend to use anti-mould primer. Both anti-mould primer and paint contain ingredients that protect the wall and avoid the formation of dampness. If the wall is already affected by dampness then it's best to first remove the dampness, wash and treat the wall with anti-mould solution (Polisept Solution) before you apply the anti-mould primer.


The plaster on the exterior of my house is dark red. I would like that at list in some areas to make it beige. What could I use? Do I have to remove the current plaster and apply a new one?

No, it is not necessary to remove the current plaster. All you have to do is to apply an exterior washable paint tinted in the desired color. It is important that, Before you apply the paint make sure that the plaster is free of dust or, ideally, it is washed and dried.


If I need to paint over an older layer of washable paint (applied 3 years ago) do I still need to prime the surface?

It is not necessary to prime the surface. Although it has 3 years the old layer of washable paint is a perfect substrate for the new paint. Be careful though that the old layer does not have efflorescences, oscillations, dust, grease, humidity, mould etc.


Primer!! – How will I know if I have primed well the wall?

You have primed well your wall if, after applying the primer, the wall does not have a shiny film. In case this happens the roller will "skate" and not cover uniformly the surface with paint. Therefore, in this case, to make sure that the paint will adhere, you will have to polish the wall and then remove the dust.


What can I use to dilute the washable paint?

The washable paint can be diluted with water. In case you have to dilute a colured washable paint be aware that the more water you add the fader will be the colour. We recommend that, if the label of the paint says that the paint is not dilutable, than you should follow the producer's advice.


What is the difference between a usual washable paint and one that is made for bathroom and kitchen?

The paint made for bathroom and kitchen is a washable paint which contains ingredients that stop the growth of mould and fungus which usually appear in rooms with high humidity.


Q: I keep hearing that I have to paint my home at least once every three years. My home is ok, why should I do that?

A: You don't "have" to. But it is a good idea to repaint because painting, besides it's decorative role, it also has other advantages: it kills many germs and prevents mould growth over time (if the paint is for kitchen and bathroom). Moreover, you can refresh the air, you can change the look of your home by using colors according to your personality, you can be in trend.


Q: Can I paint in interior in winter time?

A: Yes, of course. You just have to make sure that the temperature in the painted area does not drop below 10 °C.