Washable paints

Produs Policolor

SPOR MAX ONE - Ultrawashable Paint with Polyurethane

Ultrawashable based paint emulsion with polyurethane for interior painting. It is a product with high hiding power, high whiteness, fast drying. Spor Max One ensure breathing wall, eliminating the danger of condensation and mold.

SPOR Interior

Water-borne paint based on acryl-styrene copolymers for interior surfaces.

SPOR with Silver Ions

Superwashable interior paint with Silver ions.

SPOR Bathroom and Kitchen

Washable paint resistant to the action of molds and fungi – ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.

SPOR Exterior

Product based on aqueous dispersions of acrylo-styrenic copolymers, pigments, fillers and additives; excellent durability in time against various external factors (weathering, UV radiations, change of temperature, humidity, industrial gases, mechanical shocks etc).

SPOR Tinting Base

Washable paint, based on water dispersions. The paint can be tinted in thousands of colors according POLICOLOR 2013, IRIS, SPIRIT, NCS, RAL color collections, by IRIS Color System.

CasaBella Washable paint for interior with smooth texture

Washable paint based on acryl-styrene copolymers for interior surfaces, with smooth texture and high hiding power

CasaBella ANTIMOLD washable paint

Water-based paint, for interior, with effective action against mold; the product has the Health Ministry Agreement and the biocide activity has positively evaluated by CANTACUZINO Institute.

CasaBella Washable Paint for Exterior

Washable paint, based on water dispersions for exterior surfaces, resistant to UV rays, bad weather conditions and usage.


Washable paint based on water dispersions, pigments, fillers and specific additives for interior surfaces of concrete , masonry, plastering, asbestos cement and gypsumin civil and industrial constructions, new and renovated.

Casabella super concentrate manual colorant

Super concentrate manual colorant for manual interior water-based paint tinting. Available in 10 colors: red, yellow, blue, green, orange, black, purple, dark red, ocher, brown.